cast of Brevard Reality Series

(Brevard, NC – November 15, 2011) –  Auditions were held recently in Brevard, NC for a reality series showcasing why residents believe Brevard is the coolest small town in America – and today cast members for the new reality series were announced.

Cast members for the Brevard reality series include: Brevard Mayor Jimmy Harris, John Taylor, Jeff Sipe, Ricky Worley, “Mossin’ Annie” Martin, Dean St. Marie, Tammy Hopkins, Phil Davis, Joy Reser, Willie Jones, David Lackey, Mark Moseley, Jennifer Merrell, Matt Sharpsteen, Carle Wilson, Tony Rametta, Brooke Siniard, Carol MacAllister, Benny Upton, Shawn White, Kathy Hardy, Lauren Weed, Tiffany Teso, Cheryl Walkup, Marli Cohen, Greg Jordan, Lori Roberts, Spencer Heinitsh, and Allison Taylor (please see attached photos).

One remaining cast member slot remains to be filled and the show’s producers say they will announce next week one final day of open casting call to find that last addition to the cast. “Yes, that 30th cast member will round out the show. We’re excited to find that special person!” explains Executive Producer Ann Sharpsteen.

Local residents who love Brevard, have special talents, and/or want to potentially star in the exciting new series are invited to logon to for more information about the upcoming final day of casting.

Reality Cast Blue BUs

ABOUT THE PRODUCTION TEAM: Tammy & Ann producers

Ann Sharpsteen, Executive Producer (white shirt above in photo)
Ann Sharpsteen is an experienced TV and film writer/producer, having produced entertainment shows, documentaries, and music videos for clients such as CMT/Country Music Television/MTV Networks, CBS News, NBC, and more.  In August 2010, Sharpsteen moved to Brevard, and soon thereafter launched the local “I Love Brevard” blog ( to “memorialize all the things I love about Brevard,” she explains.  “I can’t wait to show the world what a fun, quirky, purely-American town Brevard is!” says Sharpsteen.  “There’s a rhythm here – a lifestyle and people – that are pure, honest and captivating. We’re excited to tell the story of Brevard through this show!“

Tammy Hopkins, Producer  (red jacket in photo above)
Tammy Hopkins has a background in acting, directing and producing. She has worked on films, TV, documentaries, theatre, outdoor dramas and radio. Tammy currently serves as the Executive Director of the TC Arts Council and as a Film Liaison when Film, TV and Photo projects come to the area. “I’m so excited to showcase Brevard and Transylvania County to the rest of the world,” explains Hopkins. “Our small town charm surrounded by the beauty of Pisgah National Forest, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Dupont State Forest along with the quality of arts and culture, you just can’t beat it. I cannot imagine living anywhere else in the world!”