Brevard Cinema Society

Tom and Sandi Anton are filmmakers (At Last / The Pardon) and the founders of the Asheville Cinema Society (ACS) and the Asheville Cinema Festival (ACF). The Anton’s reside in Brevard and are creating the Brevard Cinema Society (BCS). The best way to understand the society is to experience it so the Anton’s will present a night of shorts on October 19, 2013 at Brevard College’s Dunham Auditorium.

Best described, BCS is a membership organization for viewing independent, feature, foreign, documentary and short films. The goal of BCS is to seek and screen independent films of all genres and various subject matters. Selecting films to share with the BCS members can be a daunting task. “I’ve had to wade through a lot of films to find the gems”, Anton reflects. He goes on to say, “But when I find one, it’s like finding a precious gem”.

The first season begins in March of 2014 with two screenings a month through October. Tom strives to bring thought provoking as well as entertaining films to his audience. One of the ways Anton researches the film’s creation is by interviewing the filmmaker and then sharing with the audience the ‘behind the scene’ tidbits that enrich the experience of screening and engaging with these films so unique.

BCS will screen films over nine (9) months starting in March through October; culminating with the Asheville Cinema Festival. The Asheville Cinema Festival (ACF) is a natural progression for the society. Successfully completing its second festival, ACF screened high quality films, a popular shorts program and educational documentaries. Many of the filmmakers attended the festival to participate in the Q & A’s after the screenings. In addition to over 40 films shown during the ACF festival, there were also several workshops for more in-depth discussion on a variety of film making subjects. Anton boasts of being able to secure and screen The Artist in 2011. The Artist went on to win the Academy Award for best picture of 2011. Prior to their national release, Anton screened Silver Linings Playbook and Quartet, both in contention for 2012 awards. This year’s festival takes place on November 7-10, 2013

The Brevard Cinema Society and the Anton’s are looking forward to the 2014 BCS season and their fourth annual film festival (ACF 2014) with great anticipation for even bigger and better things to come. I tend to think big but I think it’s very doable”, Anton says with a smile.

“I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work, creativity, organization and leadership you have poured into the Asheville Cinema Society and the Festival. Some people think these things just happen but I know better. What a wonderful and enriching addition to Asheville”! Ken Butcher (ACS member)

For more information on the Antons, go to or the Asheville Cinema Festival in 2014, please go to or call 828-333-5071.

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