Seven Days ‘Till Midnight

An everyday man disappears into the wilderness to find himself; what he finds is another version of himself who shows him the past is the key to his future.

seven days till midnight

About the Film

If you could change your past, would you?

Seven Days ‘Till Midnight is the study of one man’s journey, not only in the wilderness but also a journey inside his mind, his emotions and his past choices. His planned escape is a chance at a much needed break from a life he has turned his back on. A life he feels was in error. A life he feels has been wasted.

That feeling of being lost and without direction is something that so many of us experience at one point or another during our lives. This story explores the root cause of those emotions and ultimately presents an interesting question, if you could, would you really go back and change the past?

With the backdrop of the wilderness and the story developing into a survival film, Seven Days ‘Till Midnight will be a beautiful, dark, deep exploratory film that excites through action and entertains through emotion as the audience quickly realizes that there is a little bit of Harmon in each and everyone of them.

The magic of this film resides in the simple structure, the sophisticated story, the amazing locations and the opportunity to create visuals that will haunt the audience with the beauty of the wilderness. Seven Days ’Till Midnight should be seen as an opportunity to explore the beauty of human nature set within the world of Mother Nature and to discover what happens when those two worlds collide in unexpected ways.

To learn more about the look and feel of the film, feel free to download the PDF Look Book for Seven Days ‘Till Midnight | 9.2 MB  This document is the visual “bible” or presentation of the film’s style and look along with the visual inspirations.  It is truly the best way to understand the tone of the film and gives a behind the scenes glimpse into the world that we are creating.


 Why should you help?

This is a very personal project to us.  We need the support from our family, friends and like-minded film enthusiasts to make this project possible. We are putting all of our energy toward making this project as successful as possible but at the end of the day, your support is incredibly important to the success of this film.

Our philosophy is very simple, we aren’t asking for your money just because we want creative control, we are asking for your money because we want to make the highest quality film possible. You have our word that we will not cut any corners or make any concessions during the entire process.



Other Ways You Can Help

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Seven Days ‘Till Midnight is a true indie. We could not make this film at a studio for this budget, and we strongly believe this is how Seven Days ‘Till Midnight should be made!

Together, we are going to make a GREAT film. You won’t be disappointed, we promise!

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