According to the Transylvania Times – written by Park Baker

The Music Video “Not Enough” with Sarah Siskind  & SunLiner’s shot in June at the Sunset Motel in Brevard, NC.

Sarah Siskind

Local band Sarah Siskind and SUNLINER’s first music video for their song “Not Enough” went live this past Friday.

The video was shot entirely at the Sunset Motel in Brevard, using local film production company, Two Pine State. Siskind chose the Sunset Motel as the location for her first video for its retro vibe and unique style. Siskind and her husband, Travis Book, comprise the band.

“The song is a break-up song,” said Siskind. “It’s about a woman whose love of her life has left, so she doesn’t have anywhere to go and she takes up in a hotel in her new home. She’s drinking whiskey and watching TV late at night and feeling sorry for herself.”

Siskind said that to her “Not Enough” is really cinematic, so making a video for this song in particular made sense. It comes from the band’s new album, “Love.”

“I wanted the video to be pretty abstract, where it only shows me and my husband singing,” she said. “It shows abstractions of the room and the bathroom. A light bulb went off when I was driving around town one day, and I thought the Sunset Motel would be perfect. Its retro look gives the video a bit more personality. The motel has a lot of interesting visuals that worked well with the theme of the song.

Siskind said that Lori Roberts, the owner, was really accommodating.

“We shot it all in one day, one really long day,” she said.

Siskind’s video release comes just before her show with Lee Ann Womack on Saturday, June 24, at the Brevard Music Center.

Siskind, a self-described Americana artist, lived in Nashville for 14 years, before she and Book moved to Brevard a couple of years ago. She said they moved here to raise their children in a small town.

Siskind’s songs have been covered by Alison Krauss, Wynonna, Bon Iver, Randy Travis, Jeff Austin and others.

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